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Right-Suite Universal 2018 - Load Estimating and System Design - Level I

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Class Dates:

January 24 & 25, 2019 (Thursday and Friday) - Greensboro, NC - 8:oo am to 5:oo pm daily

$349 per student  (includes NC design templates)


New 2018 NC Code changes will be reviewed during this design course.  Right-Suite Universal is the only fully integrated residential and commercial software solution that is designed to save you time. It eliminates mouse clicks and automatically updates all areas of the program instantly. With advanced easy-to-use technology, RSU is expandable to meet your exact business needs. If you decide to buy your own copy from Wrighsoft, you can purchase the features and functionalities that you want, and not pay for what you don't.

The Wrightsoft suite is versatile - but that doesn't mean it has to be confusing, we've simplified the process so your job is easier. Our design template CD is included - you save time and start running your own loads the first day!  (The updated design templates will reflect the 2018 NC Code changes effective January 1, 2019)

Whether you're doing residential or commercial duct system design, Wrightsoft's Right-Suite Universal can help you to properly calculate your loads, accurately design and size your system, produce parts take-off lists and proposals according to your parts and pricing, and prepare professional documentation and reports - all in one program, at the click of a button.

Day I
Course will give you all the necessary tools to set up project templates, run your own loads and properly size equipment and duct systems for new construction.

  • How heat moves and what to measure
  • Design conditions and fenestration
  • Surfaces and duct system loads
  • Airflow basics
  • System design procedure
  • Residential Equipment selection (ACCA Manual S)

Day II
Intermediate course will build on skills learned in Day I, utilizing Wrightsoft's Right-Suite Universal; run loads on residential and light commercial structures and properly size replacement equipment and duct systems. Instruction based on ANSI/ACCA Standard 5 QI-2010 the standard by which Energy Star Version 3 HVAC equipment installation is satisfied.

  • HVAC Quality Installation Specifications
  • Replacement vs. new construction
  • Hands-On design - first and second floors
  • Additional floors
  • Variable air vs. equipment zones
  • Screens affected by zoning
  • Load evaluation
  • Cost comparison

Level III - Commercial Load Estimating

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Strip Store RTU application / Multi-level Core Zone Application
Assembly Building Loads with OSA and non-peak occupancy

Class Dates:
To Be Announced
8:oo am to 5:oo pm / $169.00 / student

One day advanced course builds on skills learned in Level I, utilizing Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal 2018;
Skills developed:

  • Commercial construction assemblies
  • Internal gain from people
  • Internal gain from appliances
  • Internal gain from lighting
  • Motor and process loads
  • Duct loads
  • Code requirements and outdoor air loads
  • Equipment selection

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Attendees should bring the following to class:

  • Laptop computer running Microsoft® Windows
  • Computer mouse and power cord
  • Laptop must have CD drive or load demo version of Wrightsoft Right-Suite®
  • Update existing Wrightsoft software  Right - Suite Universal Upgrade
  • Download demo version of Right-Suite® Universal 2018  Right-Suite® Universal 2018 Demo
  • Limitations of the demo mode include fixed customer name, contractor name and weather data. Features can be purchased or activated by calling Wrightsoft® at (800) 225-8697.

Not sure if your software license is still active?

Stop installation and call Wrightsoft at 800-225-8697 - option 1
To obtain a new year of program upgrades, call Wrightsoft at 800-225-8697 option 3 to renew your Wrightsoft Software subscription.

Course Date

Course Description


January 24 & 25, 2019  - Greensboro

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Level I
Computerized HVAC Design & Load Estimating using Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal 2016

Trane Company of Raleigh
4000 Business Park Drive, Ste 105, Raleigh, NC 27610

Trane Company of Greensboro
8408 Triad Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409

Dates To Be Announced-Call 800-317-7095

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Level III
Commercial Load Estimating & Equipment Selection / Multi-level Core Zone Application / Assembly Building Loads with OSA and
non-peak occupancy

Trane Company of Raleigh
4000 Business Park Drive, Ste 105
Raleigh, NC 27610