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HVAC System Design using Wrightsoft


Course Dates:   

Saturday and Sunday, October 12 & 13, 2024 $595 / student 
Time:    8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Location:  Carolina Air of Raleigh, 360-110 Spectrum Drive, Knightdale, NC 27545


Who Should Attend:   Sales Technicians, Estimators, HVAC System Designers

Class fee includes a flash drive with the following:

  • Design templates for NC, SC and VA cities based on building construction Codes from the last 30-years.
  • Building plans and drawing for load estimating practice (paper copies are also provided)
  • ACCA Standards PDF
  • Building performance standards from the US Department of Energy
  • HVAC Best Practices Guides from the US Department of Energy
  • Replacement system Code upgrade check list



Special Software Instructions:  If you own an active version of Wrightsoft with Right-J and Right-D, you can use it during class

If you don’t own the software yet, use this link to download the fully functional demo from Wrightsoft.  Software purchase is not required for class participation.

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To participate in this class you'll need a windows laptop with at least the Wrightsoft 2023 demo software.  (Note: This class will not support Wrightsoft mobile product designed for iPads).


The two-day class covers the following subjects:

  • Procedures used in replacement surveys for HVAC system applications
  • New construction plans review for HVAC system design
  • State Board requirements for performance: 21 NCAC Chapter 50 Section .0505
  • 2018 North Carolina Code compliance for replacement systems
  • ACCA Manual – J Block loads for replacement systems using Wrightsoft Design Software
  • Room-by-room loads for duct system design for new construction and duct system replacements using Wrightsoft Design Software.
  • Select Equipment based on ACCA Manual – S using Wrightsoft Design Software
  • Complete a simple single-story ACCA Manual – J block load and select equipment based on ACCA Manual – S.
  • Complete a two-story, two system, ACCA Manual – J load and select the equipment based on ACCA Manual – S.
  • Complete a room-by-room single-story ACCA Manual J load and design an ACCA Manual – D compliant duct system.
  • Complete a two-story single-system ACCA Manual – J load and design a Manual – D compliant duct system and select equipment compliant with ACCA Manual -S.
  • Complete a two-story, two-system ACCA Manual – J load and load and design Manual – D compliant duct systems and select equipment compliant with ACCA Manual -S



$595 per student 



Attendees should bring the following to class:

  • Laptop computer running Microsoft® Windows XP OR HIGHER
  • Computer mouse and power cord
  • Laptop must have USB drive or load demo version of Wrightsoft Right-Suite®
  • Update existing Wrightsoft software Right - Suite Universal Upgrade
  • Download the free demo software Right-Suite® Universal Demo
  • Limitations of the demo mode include fixed customer name, contractor name and weather data. Features can be purchased or activated by calling Wrightsoft® at (800) 225-8697

Not sure if your software license is still active?

To obtain a new year of program upgrades, call Wrightsoft at 800-225-8697 to renew your Wrightsoft Software subscription.

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