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The Technical Training Institute


How would you like to pass your licensing exam the first time? More than 90% of students from The Technical Training Institute pass their license exam the first time.  We’re really proud of our excellent success rates.  Let us help you take the stress out of preparing for your contractor license exam.  We provide training for professionals in electrical, mechanical, and plumbing.

We work with the NC state licensing boards, as well as offering custom training programs offsite – in a classroom setting, or at home in a virtual GoToMeeting course.  Since 1999, students have depended on our exam preparation courses to  get licensed and get to work!

  GoToMeeting Distance Learning Courses Now Available

We’re proud to announce our first virtual exam prep courses in April on the world-recognized GoToMeeting and GoToTraining platforms.  Take your exam prep course at home, at your office or any location with wifi access.  Pick your class, order your books and take your class from the comfort of your home, keeping your family and co-workers safe while keeping your career goals on track.



Now you can join our live training event from any location with an internet connection. You can participate remotely and experience the same collaboration, instructor interaction, and learning benefits as if you were physically in the classroom!

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What We Do

  • NC Heating H-1, H-2, H-3
  • NC Plumbing P-I & P-II
  • Specialty Electrical SP-PH
  • NC Limited Electrical
  • NC Intermediate Electrical
  • NC Unlimited Electrical
  • Electrical 8 - Hour CE
  • Design Services


4Q Exam Prep and Design Courses Are Open For Enrollment

The Board’s license application approvals In September and October are eligible to test until November 30th, we’ve added new classes through February, 2021.  New 2020 Duct Design Fundamentals and Entry Level WrightSoft Design courses are open for enrollment!

In compliance with COVID-19 social distancing and face covering requirements, for the next few months, all classes will now be delivered using the world-class training platform, GoToMeeting.


Over the last 6 months, students having been joining our live training sessions from their homes and offices, anywhere with an internet connection.  GoToMeeting lets you participate remotely and experience the same collaboration, instructor interaction, and learning benefits as if you were physically in the classroom!

We get it, students need to get on with life in spite of all the challenges they face working through the COVID-19 pandemic. The new training format gives our students savings in travel expenses, time on the road and the elimination of risk to your health and your family’s safety.

We will re-assess our course schedules in January and hope to post Spring, 2021 classes on campus as well as on the GoToTraining platform.