Find out why contractors and trade professionals use The Technical Training Institute when they need to study for contractor licensing. We are proud of our students and our excellent success rate. Read through the testimonials below.

I participated in the exam prep class October 31 and November 1, 2020.  Just wanted to let you know that I did pass both business & law and H-3-1 on the first attempt yesterday.

What really helped the most was how you simply broke down what each code book covered. The practice questions had the code reference and a description so I could determine if I was on the right track.

I appreciate the work and the detail that you have put into your prep class and study manual. I know how hard and how much work is involved and I applaud your work.

I was so excited leaving PSI yesterday all the work, all the study, the late nights, practice questions during lunch it all paid off.

Thank You for doing what you do I was 100% satisfied with your class and the way you made everyone feel so confident was priceless.

Warren Roper / BioMerieux

Hey Michael, just wanted to let you know that I passed my P-1 exam yesterday. Thank you for your study guide that was exactly on point. The technique you teach is the way to go for sure. I would recommend it to anyone. I have used your class now to take 4 exams (H-3,H-2,H-1, and P-1) and have passed them all the first time. Probably will take your class for the electrical exam coming up in the future. Thanks again for the help!

Chris Falk / SE&M Electrical & Mechanical Constructors

I extend my appreciation to The Technical Training Institute. I have passed the Business Law as well as H2 and H3 . Your method of teaching proved very much worth the time and money I spent.  I really appreciated the fact that I had a question during my studies in the last few hours . I emailed and got a simple prompt explanation … I passed …
I would highly recommend you guys and will do my continuing education with you.

D, Wood
Volunteer Mechanical, The Heat & Air Conditioning Co.

Good Morning Mike, Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks. After taking your Heating Exam Prep course August 14 &15 and studying with your methodology, techniques and material I was able to pass the H-2 license exam on August 31st. Your information was challenging and your advice was right on. I will be taking the H-3 Class 1 Exam within the next few months.
Thanks for your help,

Mark Reavis

Your advice worked! I was nervous about taking all three of my exams within a two week period but it was the best thing that i could do. Your material helped me out a lot. I was able to pass my H-3, H-2 and H-1. Thanks for all of the help. I will absolutely recommend your class to anybody that is trying to get their license. Almost  forgot to tell you thanks on the SP-PH Electrical License too, your class helped me pass that exam.


Scott Dunn, Vice President
Carolina Commercial Systems